The company Produit Neptune is user of the solution RS backup supplied by Xophos Canada since already some time.

The solution is of the most stable and of the most reliable. The management tool is simple to configure and to use. In a few clicks, we have access in a security way to this tool. All the functions necessary for the smooth running and for the simple management of the backup are in it carried by hand. Configurator, schedules, customers, logs, etc. The restoration is made even more easily than the configuration. Having had to get back certain files on some occasions, we were able to put in to the test validity and the reliability of the data and in no occasion the system of backup was lacking to us. 

At the physical level the maintenance of the box is completely supported by Xophos Canada. Therefore, the maintenance and the management of the media decreased a lot and is useless even almost from our part. The safety of the box offers a beautiful option versus the external solutions which asks for a wide bandwidth for the servers with more activity.

The support of Xophos Canada is impeccable. Their tool of monitoring allows them to get quickly the errors and the problems. The solution is quickly brought and we are always informed about the problem, about the progress of the resolution and about the purpose. 
We are unarguably very satisfied with the solution of backup and with the support service of Xophos Canada.

Mario Choquette 
Directeur TI/SI 
IT/IS Manager