Fireproof and waterproof backup appliance.
The RS can be in any place for the normal temperature: less than 30 degrees. Beyond the internal temperature of the safe will not manage to maintain a level of acceptable temperature for hard drive.
You can start the saving of any set of saving, on request.
The RS backs up data of: WINDOWS, Linux, MAC, Slorais and AIX.
The replication made by the RS preserves, on the target, the encryption of the data. Thus impossible to read again the data answered on a USB Disk. The only possible way is to return the data on the original RS.
The data on a USB disk remain coded (AES 128bits). Impossible to read again directly the information.
It is about métadata describing the sets of saving: configuration and schedule. None protected data is transmitted to Datacenter.
The RS can be configured with 5 disks of 3Tb. In RAID5, it represents 12TB of space of saving.
The RS is accessible with every HTTP browser.
If the internet communication is down, the saving will be made normally but it will not be possible to modify the sets of saving nor to create it of new.
The rs can upgrade to 5 internal disks of 3TB.
The feature NAS is running on the RS: public NAS or protected NAS. The space which is not used by the protected data can be run by the NAS.
It is possible to create a space NAS protected with a password
The RS can duplicate the data towards another server as Sarcophage. The delay for the replication depends on the bandwidth on the origin site origin and the destination site.
The internal disks are configured in RAID. A disk out of order can be replaced without loss of protected data and without perturbing the savings or the NAS.
The payment is uysed to covers four services: expenses bound to the use of the license RS backup, expenses bound to the hosting of meta data, the supervision / support and finally the guarantee of complete replacement in case of disaster or of breakdown.
RS Pilot is the software of management and material supervision while RS backup is the software of saving.
Restart System gets back the RS stricken, replaces it by a new RS and puts back the configuration of the savings as well as the data protected in the new RS.
The safe of the RS is certified UL CLASS350 - 1/2 the hour: resistance in 840 degrees Celsius during 30 minutes. According to the sappers fire brigades, this temperature, if it is reached, never continues 30 minutes on the condition that the fire is not fed.
Only the sets of saving which you will have selected will be started.
RS backup does not join specific tool for each of the types of databases. However, it is possible to execute commands or scripts, before and after the execution of a set of saving. So, in a script of meadow back up you can make execute an 'export' of your database by using The specific tools in the engine of database which you run and the saving will take the file DUMP.
RS backup can make the saving of files opened by the feature VSS ( Windows).