Fireproof and waterproof backup appliance.
The XOPHOS Restart System's mission is to simply and reliably back up and restore its clients' data assets in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.
To achieve its mission, XOPHOS manufactures computer data backups systems that are compliant with the industry's most stringent standards for security and reliability.
Restart System's solution
Back up the heart of the data protection
As far as computer security is concerned, the requirements of small and mid-sized businesses are the same as for a large corporation. Computer data is the life blood of a company. Losing this data means a significant loss of revenue and a proportionally-elevated cost for data restoration. For some, it can even lead to bankruptcy.
XOPHOS manufactures and markets “Appliance”-type solutions specifically designed to back up the computer data of small and mid-sized businesses.
XOPHOS understands that the overall reliability of backup systems based on equipment requiring physical manipulation decreases rapidly over time. In addition, this decline in reliability is closely related to how effectively this equipment is managed on an internal level.
The RS integratesjoins the tools of configuration and supervision necessary to insure the safety and the reliability of the savings of your data.
Given that a company's primary activity is not managing backup tapes, it is crucial that data backups be reliable and involve little or no management or handling. Companies need fail-safe data restoration and peace of mind knowing that their data is protected in all situations, and that administrators will be notified in real time in the event of a backup error.
As soon as she starts, the RS sends signal to our center of supervision, the processing procedure of the alerts start too. In this way, any problem are immediately handled.
Tele-maintenance or on site according to the choice of the customer.

Restart system offer of the compltete and adapted solutions to your company so that you can dedicate yourselves to your business by knowing your data are safe.